ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization – Part VI





Part V –

Airport Metal Detectors vs. Body Metal | Direct Orthopedic Care

Max, having become accustomed to the sensation of the cage, found himself swimming through ideas of the whats, the whens and the hows of Brianna’s game. It would seem, however, that the most enduring game of all, would be Brianna’s absence.

Given Max’s typically unimpressive romantic history and even more unimpressive penis, he had taken to the late night tug and cummy finish. He thought of it as his nightly indulgence, much like a late night courvoisier or reading in an armchair; activities, he supposed, real men would do.
Yet for Max, low-res porn with half-baked female orgasms saw him through.

But now, Max wasn’t able to enjoy the even smallest nugget of joy life had sparingly granted him. Or at least, life had infused that joy with Brianna’s pussy and then cruelly caged it out of reach. He was a man dying of thirst whilst bobbing in the ocean. Brianna had set fire to his senses, but he was condemned to sit and watch, tormented by the level of euphoria he would undoubtedly never reach.

She, the musty femme of which he had buried himself inside of, was nowhere to be seen. He was on day 9 of this Brianna-less rampage and he could take no more. Her absence burned deep into him. He had been denied his dick, now he was to be denied her.

And so the tedium of office life continued. Alison, the ball-crusher who sat next to him, had recently got a new boyfriend and found no hesitation in implying said boyfriend’s superiority.

“He’s like, got his life together, you know? Like he wants to take care of me, like, he’s in charge? Like the big boss? He’s actually going somewhere…”

Max was grateful for her incessant rambling. The noise blurred out the space where his flowing cum stream and throbbing cock should be. He pondered the idea of, when the time comes, to blow his first load on Alison. Just for fun. To rev himself up under the desk and just fire it up her leg. He smiled, but knew, he was no man for that. Besides, he didn’t need the office clocking on to his inadequate appendage.

However, given the metaphorical stopper tightly bound around Max’s balls, he felt the heat of sex surge through his bloodstream at most hours of the day. He was grateful on many an occasion to have had the cage, to help suppress his unintentional office erections.

There was Charlene from Marketing, a girl with a forgettable face but had no shame in wearing inappropriately high skirts. One day, she sat herself upon her office chair, not realising that her poor choice of workwear was rolling up her thighs, revealing her cheap lacey underwear. Max, positioned himself, somewhat pathetically, in view of her just to enjoy the hot thrill of sexual taboo. He was however caught out by her line manager, a married man of 5 foot 6, who gave him a look of disgust and contempt that was so commonplace for Max.

Then arrived a Thursday afternoon on a typically painful day in the office without Brianna. He was summoned down to run checks on the public computers in the Adult Learning Library. This wasn’t unheard of and was a good excuse to kill time with a slow, ineffective walk.

He lulled down the stairs, round the corner and crossed the building into the public space. The centre had seen better days. Government cuts alongside a society of lost causes meant things looked shabby. Things could also get rough at times. There had been stories of knives, drugs and heavy porn use in the library alongside a faint smell of piss and corsodyl.

Max gave the receptionist a passive nod as he walked up to the security barrier. The post was manned by a six-foot something woman in a tight fitting polo neck and long trousers. Stood next to a mini x-ray machine and metal detector frame. It was like passing through some pitiful airport security, just with less enthusiasm.

Max passed through the barrier, thinking nothing of it, but suddenly felt a firm hand hit his chest.

“Whoa there”, her voice was indifferent and almost acidic.

Max turned to her as his eye caught the red light flashing above the metal detector frame.

‘Shit’ he thought, the cage.

“Legs apart, this will be a second” she gestured, pulling out a sizable paddle, and hearing it click into action.

Max began to sweat, this was not going to end in his favor. His fingers started trembling as he knew what was about to happen. She passed the scanner roughly over his body until it screamed around his groin. She passed it over, again and again. Each time a new set of ears perked up from the reception area. She clearly was enjoying herself. She clasped a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. She clearly knew that this Max was not the type to fashion a hot cock piercing and was only too eager to exercise her rights in finding out.

“Come with me,” she motioned to a door on the right.

She pushed him through the door alongside the echo of sniggers from the onlookers.

Max’s face flushed with shame. He wanted to curl over.

“It seems we have a problem here….Max”, squinting at his name badge

“I’m going to ask you to drop your trousers.”

‘Fuck,’ Max thought. This was not going to end well…

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