ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization – Part III

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Thigh High Office casual stocking Extra Long Autumn Burnish Opaque ...

… “Oh would you now?”

Stepping down from the stool, it was clear that Brianna was enjoying this.

“How much am I worth? You obviously have no money, so what else can I take from you? Your dignity?”

She sat herself upon the stool, provocatively leaning her elbows upon open legs.

“I’ll tell you what Braveheart, if you really want what’s under this skirt that bad, you give me this month’s check.”

The bargain echoed silently through the safe, there was suddenly a deal on the metaphoric table. But he couldn’t give her a month’s worth of salary, that was just out of the question. He simply did not have the resources nor the capacity to provide that.

Sensing his conundrum, she walked out the office and returned second later with her denim handbag. She leaned closer to him and he could feel her hot breath tickle his ear. He tried to subtly suck in her perfume like an addict at a crack pipe.

“If you really wanted me that bad, you would give up everything to make that happen.”

“I…I guess, but…” Max was so out of his depth, he wondered if he’d ever touch land again.

Brianna fumbled around her bag, and pulled out a small felt pouch.

“How about this, since you are truly worthless, I’ll take the only thing you have, your manhood. Make your dick mine.”

Max wasn’t sure of the implications of this agreement, nor the method of which it could be fixed but nodded through curiosity as well as complete helplessness to his needs.

Brianna, without hesitation, pulled down the fly of Max, silencing possible objections to being caught. Any blood that had been in his groin rushed to his feet. His cock shriveled in intimidation, he could never hope to please such a wild and feminine creature. Surely she would take one look at him and decide they should be “just friends”. The shame made him hunch lower, cringing at the thought of her reaction as she pulled his limp penis through his underwear. His hands failed to support him in resisting her grasp. He lowered his head, eyes fixed in bewilderment at the sight before him.

Searching desperately for some kind of excuse to placate her advances, he failed to notice that she was not focused on the state of his impotence. One cold fumble of the hands and a click later, Max realized what he had just summoned himself to.

“You give me your penis, and you could have everything, but until further notice, you are mine”

Max looked down at his flaccid and pasty worm. From what he could see, it was being incarcerated, punished by force in a penis-sized jail cell with a standard procedure padlock, and a small opening for a key.

Brianna stepped back and dangled the key in front of him. She reached under her skirt and hiked her shoulder as her hand slid between her tights and her stomach. Her expression changed and softened briefly as he heard the squelch of the keys being pushed inside a very wet secret hiding place. Her eyes sharply refocused on him and he was a trapped deer in the headlights. He found he could not move a muscle as she grabbed his face by the jaw examining him with her gaze. His nostrils flared. Now, mixed with the smell of her perfume, was the unmistakable smell of her femininity. Brianna smiled and wiped the back of her soiled hand over his dumbfounded mouth, leaving a trail of moisture. Max’s eyes involuntarily rolled into the back of his head and he quickly closed them. Internally, he vowed never to wash his face again.

Down below he began to feel an uncomfortable pressure as blood surged back to his lifeless member.

“Your cock is mine now, lets see how much you really want me.”

Leaving Max, stupefied with his genitals on display like a caged zoo animal, she pivoted and exited the safe door with a click of her heels. A slow, trailing, drip of pre-cum oozed out of his caged cock and fell to the floor. This was not how Max had foreseen the afternoon.

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