The Painful Throbbing of Mr. Bates – Part II

[Part I – ] This aroused young plaything eyed me intensely. Her white cloth perched on her outstretched finger. For all my life, fair reader, you must understand that I was a helpless gentleman bound by both leather and moral. I did attempt to avert my eyes, but there is only so much a […]

The Chalet, Part V – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world

[ Find Part I here – Find Part II here –  Find Part III here –  Find Part IV here – ] I awoke on the hard, freshly polished floor. The hushed moonlight through the curtains suggested it was still the middle hours. My face ran hot as the blood surged back to the […]

The Chalet, Part IV – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world

[ Find Part I here –  Find Part II here –  Find Part III here – ] There we were, sat around the mahogany table of her kitchen-living room, she and I, in silence. I had been summoned later than usual, only a couple hours before sundown. There had been no clear indication of […]

The Chalet, Part III – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world.

[ Find Part I here – Find Part II here – ] That night I pulled myself so senseless to the thoughts of Marina. My heart thudded at the memory of her towering over me. I floated, mentally, back up her skirt, letting my senses fill in what my eyes weren’t able to. […]

The Chalet, Part II – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world

[Find part I here –> ] I had responded to a post in the local newspaper in search of assistance in general house maintenance and was already on my fourth weekend at the chalet. Nothing remarkable about the chalet or the owner could be taken from those initial weeks. She was notably distant, and […]

The Chalet – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world

It took a lazy Sunday morning, reading the newspaper, my loyal, aging wife sat next to me, to be jolted back into a long abandoned chapter of my youth. ‘Woman’s death leaves chalet in disrepute’ The photo had me choking on my morning coffee. A tremor of my younger self belched to the surface, from […]

ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization – Part VI

PART I –  PART II – PART III– PART IV – Part V – Max, having become accustomed to the sensation of the cage, found himself swimming through ideas of the whats, the whens and the hows of Brianna’s game. It would seem, however, that the most enduring game of all, would be […]

ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization – Part V

PART I –  PART II – PART III– PART IV – Max shifted down onto his knees, eye level with Brianna’s pussy. He relished every second of the cold toilet floor, the hum of the extractor fan and the heat that emanated from between Brianna’s legs. For in achieving what felt like […]

ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization- Part IV

PART I – PART II – PART III – Max, later that evening, found himself sitting in front of the computer, nude from the waist down, googling his own demise. It took him several searches and rephrases to fully understand contraption that held his life hostage. His cock, no longer his, rested […]