ICE: Integrity, Chastity, Organization – Part V





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Max shifted down onto his knees, eye level with Brianna’s pussy. He relished every second of the cold toilet floor, the hum of the extractor fan and the heat that emanated from between Brianna’s legs. For in achieving what felt like the climax of his conquest, he was also being shown the way out. It didn’t matter now, he had no choice, he was told to get the key and set himself free, it was what she wanted.

He lifted his hand and brushed the tip of his finger upon her soft pubic hair. Sensing the texture ripple through his fingertip, another pulsation of his penis caused him to grimace. He took his time, figuring that the years he would wank to this moment would be worth the momentary crushing on his hardening dick.

He switched the angle of his finger, and went to push himself inside. He was once again grabbed by his hair and pulled to meet her red-eyed stare.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Brianna blurted

“I… I…”

‘Fuck,’ he thought, ‘somewhere along the line, I have either misjudged what was happening, or more likely, done it wrong.’

Max was familiar with this territory. The barren wastelands where his confusion and her disgust would meet. A hot, fetid atmosphere, too uncomfortable to bear. Shame dripping out of every corner.

“I don’t want your poncy little fingers in me, if you want the key, I want you to get it with your tongue”

Max, this time, had to stifle a shriek at his mini hulk-like erection, threatening to burst the cage open. She smiled at this, she knew exactly what she was doing to him.

Still not having released Max from her death grip, she forced his face deep into her.

Max was somewhere completely otherworldly now. He felt raised off of the cold floor and now floating through heats of some all female rainforest. The heartbeat of Brianna, passing along her pubic bone was now beating upon his face. Tick tick, tick tick, tick tick. The humid musk of her pussy made him shiver with excitement. He was everywhere and nowhere. The vast wilderness and the safest home.

He pressed his tongue past his lips and through hers. He was undoubtedly impressed that she kept her keys inside her as if a personal pocket. He was unsure if he would be able to hook anything with his tongue, especially given the circumstances. But he foraged around anyway.

He struggled to take air as Brianna was giving no option for retreat. He kept going, writhing his tongue around inside her, as deep as he could. Holding the backs of her legs as if to pull himself further inside.

Then a deep laughter came from within her. The thundering beats of her lungs pulsating through her skin. She pushed his head away, this time laughing harder.

“You little maggot, of course you are not off the hook that easy. We have a fucking deal, wipe yourself off and get back to your desk”

And with that she pushed him backwards to fall on his elbows. She gave a satisfied look at the cum-filled mess on the right side of his smart-casual trousers, leaking down just the one side. His hair, bunched at the back of his head, and his eyes, slowly returning back to mother earth.

She made for the door, throwing it open in plain sight of the rest of passersby and was gone. Scrambling to his feet, Max threw himself to close the door, locking it behind him and sliding down with his back against it.

He had barely caught his breath in all the time he was in the toilet. His hands were shaking, his legs lying limp in front of him. The only part of him still possessing life was locked beneath his underwear. He was in a state of exhausted euphoria, an unquenched mesh of sensations. He had no idea how far Brianna was willing to take this, or if he would even make it to the end of it. Only time would tell what else was in store for him.

[Find out what happened next here –> ]

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