The Chalet, Part V – Domestic slavery in a mature woman’s world

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I awoke on the hard, freshly polished floor. The hushed moonlight through the curtains suggested it was still the middle hours. My face ran hot as the blood surged back to the cheek, tangy spittle sticking to my chin.

There was a coolness in the air. The finer hair that ran seamlessly along my body stood on end. My dried semen ran snail trails across my stomach and onto my chest, reminding me of euphoric heights only a few hours before.

Raising myself a little higher, I heard the cold scraping of smooth heavy metal on the floor. Looking over my shoulder I saw a long chain leading up to my back and out of my vision. I frowned a look of confusion as I brought my hand to my neck, only to find the chain snaking itself tightly around my throat. The metal seemed to match my body temperature and therefore must have been on for quite some time.

My arms were still weak for the climactic explosion I had unleashed in our last moments. Marina, had made my body scream and yet not laid a single feline finger upon me. As with all dogs, I was not to enjoy my share until the alpha had finished. I watched her scream an almighty roar as she unleashed her pleasure. Jealous and whimpering, I watched out the corner of my eye.

Marina now, however, appeared to be nowhere in sight, rendering the chain around my neck less a statement and more a very practical method to ensure that I did not move. I lowered myself back down to the floor, laid on my back, slept like the dog I had become.

I began stirring within my sleep, aware of the distorted and illogical focus of my dreams. Scraping my heels on the floor in a quiet fit of discomfort. My arm on a pinpoint. I gasped awake to the sight of Marina, stubbing her already finished cigarette upon my forearm. The smell of smoke already heavy in the air.

Reacting on instinct, I batted her off of me and scrambled backwards, forgetting the dog chain and catching the skin at the back of my neck in an almighty squeeze. I wretched and choked whilst trying to make sense of this rude awakening.

Even in these very moments, Marina retained her air of femininity. I hadn’t ever seen her smile. The most being a small grunt of satisfaction. Even in her deepest orgasm she groaned with an air of disgust.

Whilst I was still shackled to the floor, she was high in a chair. With her foot, she skitted across a dog bowl in my direction. I was relieved to see it wasn’t dog food, but a bowl of water. Reaching forward with my hand, I caught the gaze of Marina and thought twice.

And so I knelt myself forward, face first into the water. I began to imitate what I supposed a dog might do, lapping and slurping the water inwards. Seeing nothing but the black of the bowl.

Rudely awoken once more, I was drawn out the water, hair clamped firmly in the grip of Marina’s hand, she must have backed behind me with incredible stealth. She pulled my head back until I was facing the ceiling, my head almost resting upon her shoulder.

“You are going to play one last game with me”

Noting the finality in her tone, I exhaled a snort that suggested agreement.

“You shall only be released, after you have given me your freshest load. Failure to do so could be, well, extremely deadly for you..”

And with that, she swung her leg around the front, pushing me back into the floor and sat directly on my face. It took me by such surprise that I had barely time to catch an inward breath. Even more so for not being able to fully appreciate what years of refined perfumery laid between her thighs.

Seeing that the lack of air would soon cause me great issue, I grabbed for my cock. There was not a doubt in my mind that I would be raging hard and ready to go. And so I started pulling, as hard and as fast as I could. My eyes detecting the faintest fur on her pelvis, the ruffled skirt upon my nose line, the soft skin under her chin.

The harder I pulled, the more oxygen I burned. Something in me was building. I couldn’t decipher if it was an impending explosion of sexual euphoria, or a catastrophic implosion of oxygen deprivation. Each heightening the other.

I picked up pace and closed my eyes. My thighs clenching and toes curling, my balls pulling themselves deep inside me as if to build for something. More and more. Further and further. Less and less. I could see panic on the horizon, not being sure if I could come before passing out. I was suddenly wide awake and yet fading.

As if out of nowhere, Marina jammed her fingers up inside of me. In what was to be her token move, she had hit the mound which kickstarted the cascade of ejaculation out of my cock.

Every muscle in my body squeezed and groaned in deliverance, sweet and sticky release.

My mouth, released from her soft lips, drew in the air from the room. Filling my body with words of love and adoration.

“I knew you couldn’t do it…” She said, “pathetic.”

I could read what was really meant behind these words. Knowing that I couldn’t do it without her was all she needed.

“Your time here is done. Don’t ever come back.”

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