The hard road to Xativa, Part III

Luxury hotel irritations after two weeks of spending $1,000+ per ...

[If you haven’t checked them out already, follow parts one and two here:

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Joel, without realizing, shuffled back a step. Mouth agape and completely naked, he was completely lost for words.

“I…I…uh” he stammered, piecing together the scene before him. Three men, seated in the far end of what must have been the hotel’s take on a honeymoon suite. Two of the men on a blue sofa with amber dots, the other, looking over his shoulder on the far end of the bed.

Joel’s penis fell limp with despair. But what was he to do with these men? This all felt overwhelming. He went to turn back and walk out the door when the man on the bed stood up and approached him. He was tall, with dark hair pulled back away from his face and a colored necktie that suggested he was the fun type. He squared-up, inches from Joel’s face, reached his hand beyond Joel’s shoulder and pushed the door shut. Joel could count the eye-lashes on this man, and detail without issue the cocktail recipe this man had clearly enjoyed but moments before. Pressing his lips close to Joel’s ear, he whispered one word; Mim’s and Joel’s safe word.

It was clear, Joel was to submit to himself to these men. It was Mim’s way of asserting her dominance and in acknowledging this, he felt his fists unclench. He would do anything for her, even this, whatever this was. The man, who Joel named Whisky Sours, proceeded to place his hands all over Joel’s shaft. Joel was not opposed to homosexual activity, he had once or twice found himself catching a glance at other guys in showers, but other than that, it had never really crossed his mind.

Whisky Sours, sensing a storm raging Joel’s mind, pressed himself closer to him, and kissed him hard on the lips. Joel noted both the roughness of this man’s unshaven face, and the sweet lemon bitters taste. The man’s heaviness was an unusual sensation, and the idea of not being the lead in the foreplay was something he wasn’t used to; likened to being given a script with no lines. He let himself warm to this man’s touch. His fingers rough up his arms, the heat jumping out the neck of his shirt.

Still struggling to comprehend his role in this fuckery, Joel wandered if he would be up to the challenge. There were three men in total in this room and he was supposing that the other two were not merely adjudicators. Whisky Sours lead Joel by the dick (still swinging limp between his legs at this point) and pushed him, with a hint of force, to the other two guests.

“Undress him” he said to Joel, pointing to the man seated on the left. He was forced down to his knees by a hand on the shoulder. Joel looked up at the men. A crack of enjoyment broke onto the man’s face.

The guy was a good ten years senior to the rest. He had maintained a stark hairline and fashioned a thick white moustache which bridged his neatly-aligned teeth. Joel, seeing the work in front of him, began with the man’s socks. Pulling them off and laying them directly where they fell. The man was wearing what could have been an expensive suit, given its silky feel. Joel suddenly realized that the only way to take off this man’s trousers was to unzip from the crotch. Uncertain what he would find up there, he made for the belt. Unbuckling, he caught the zip between the tips of his fingers and began to pull it down.

There was much happening below this man’s trousers. His penis had been tucked in straight down into his underwear and seemed desperate to be released. It was the first time he had touched a penis that wasn’t his own. It was surprisingly firm, he noted. Warm and alive. Passing beyond this man’s machinery he pulled open the waist and slid down the trousers. Moustache-Bridge obligingly raised his hips to avoid anything that would hinder the pace of his satisfaction.

There it was, another man’s penis, pressed inside soft blue boxer-shorts. Joel had to admit, he had come this far, and now he too had the curiosity to know what it would feel like. After all, it was all for her.

He hooked his fingers over the waistline and rolled them down, past his knees and along with the rest of his clothes. His cock could be described as heavy and slightly curved. Perhaps no larger than Joel’s own, the consistency of girth from base to tip was admirable. Joel was only too knowing of what a man in this position wants done. Joel was competent in many areas of life and saw that if a job had to be done, it had to be done well.

He grabbed Moustache-Bridge by the base of his shaft, licked his lips, took in a deep breath and slid his lips down. It was remarkable how little he could manage. How much admiration he suddenly had for all the times he had pressed himself hard into Mim’s mouth, and her taking it without a struggle. He was slightly disappointed that she was not there to share this with him.

Sliding his mouth up and down in repeated motions, the man started to grunt with pleasure. It had clearly been a good day for him, and Joel realized for the first time. These men were part of Mim’s new business agreement, and he had been a binding factor to sweeten their deal.

A sweet taste, unfamiliar to Joel began to enter his mouth; it must have been Moustache’s pre-cum. Suddenly, before he knew it, Joel was encircled by the two other men, being tapped on the shoulder and cheek by two weighty cocks. Whisky Sours having undressed without being noticed and yielding an almighty erection, his unnamed assailant yielding a more modest apparatus, poking out his suit trousers.

The unnamed assailant, blonde hair and big teeth, took Joel’s hand and wrapped it around his penis. Before long, Joel was pleasuring three men at once. Each groaning in their own way, a smug look of satisfaction at what would likely have been a new experience for them too. Joel, distracted by his work, had not realized that his once shy dick had now begun to warm to this unexpected version of events. The heat of these three men, the musks, textures and aromas, it was as if discovering a new continent; a mix of the new and familiar.

“You’re liking this, aren’t you…”, a woman’s voice startled him, it was Mim’s voice.

“…lets see gentlemen, if we can really get our money’s worth out of tonight’s rent boy”

“Oh my god”, Joel thought, “I really am part of the business deal”…

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