Aisle 13 Part III

If you haven’t read parts I and II of the story, check them out below!

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Stood there, in tight polyester and sheer finish tights, Graham began to lose his sense of self. He was no longer the passenger that boarded the plane, but in some other worldly scenario that he finally embraced as arousing. This woman had removed him from his aisle 12 husk into her aisle 13 plaything.

“You think you’re too pretty to wear the scarf honey?”, her whispered tone scolding.

She grabbed his scarf-holding wrist and pried it from his palm. Spinning him around and pressing his face into the glass door of the cabin oven. She pressed her body against his and began tying the scarf around his neck. Graham’s pulse quickened, it became clear to him that this woman was capable of doing anything she wanted to him, and all the while Graham found himself resisting less and less.

She did the initial cross on the scarf and slowly began pulling it tighter. The loop travelling closer and closer to his throat and giving no indication of stopping. On touching his rough neck, the scarf began to press. Deeper into the muscle, the windpipe and all the surrounding tissue. The blood poured to Graham’s face and he felt an almighty rush to his penis. He was at her mercy. Just as he thought he couldn’t take any more, she slackened the loop and put the extra knot.

“Do you like your outfit, Nancy?” allowing for an unimpressed glance down at his pounding chode “It seems like Nancy is a dirty little slut”.

She grabbed this new Nancy’s solemn excuse for manhood, contemplating its texture between the skirt and her fingers. It appeared more curiosity than arousal that kept her hands wandering. Suddenly her eyes flashed back at his. “Sit down, I knew what kind of whore you were from the first time I saw you board the plane,” she spat. Forcing him backwards into the cabin seat. He, desperate to be relieved from the wave of ecstasy washing over him, toppled back into place.

She pulled down the double-crossing safety belts and bound him in. “Do not move until I say so, or the cabin will be greeting their newest crew member.” Her chin barely moving through her snarling voice.

She then moved to the cabin phone behind her, punching in digits and adopting a new, previously unheard voice, a lighter, friendly tone.

“This is your cabin crew speaking, we will be preparing to land in twenty minutes so please if you could stow your trays, ensure window panels are fully open and seat belts fastened as we come through the cabin for a final check.”

By this point, Graham was a sweating husk of a man. Completely submissive, he was begging for his mistresses next order. She turned to him, lifted up her leg and pressed the base of her heel into his chest.

“You have 2 minutes until the captain briefs us on landing procedure. If you haven’t finished by the time that door opens, I will humiliate you in front of the captain as a dirty little femboy. Now finish yourself you worthless pig”

Graham took no time in getting started. He fumbled his hand into his skirt and under the tights. The tip was already tacky from so much anticipation and began pounding away. Chemicals began surging through his body, sweetening his muscles and releasing so much of what he had been holding back. He barely registered what was in front of his eyes as he became this doughy eyed beast. All he could feel was her heal pressing into his chest and her gaze burning into his face. He didn’t dare look up to meet her gaze.

It all happened so quickly, his stomach contorted and his breath ceased. He felt the warm liquid run across his knuckles and down his nylons. A moment of nothingness. Then, began externalising again, remembering where he was and who he was.
Silently, she took her foot off his chest, unstrapped him, picked up his damp clothes from the floor and threw them at him.

“Please go back to your seat immediately, Mr. Johnson, the plane is about to land.”
Her tone was stern and professional. If it wasn’t for the mess he had made and the coffee stained clothes he might have thought it was all a dream. He put on his damp trousers and shirt over the dry but partially sticky air hostess outfit, walked back along the aisle, past oblivious passengers and returned to his seat. As he disembarked the plane he kept his head down, unable to see if she was there, but he heard that familiar voice as he exited the doors, and felt a rush to his groin.

“Thank you for flying with us, we hope to see you again soon.”

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