He Couldnt Help it Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 Part 2

She could see from Will’s face that he was not quite prepared for the scene in front of him. She had told him what was going to happen. Painted a clear picture so he would know exactly what he was getting into. 

“What I need, is for a real man to fuck me during my session. You see, these men were talking about, they need to see me get fucked, but they know they are not worthy of doing it. They usually have small cocks, sometimes they are short, often overweight, no self control. They need me to help them and I do.” She sipped her glass of wine. “Do you think you can help me?”

It was crystal clear. Maybe she forgot to mention the handcuffs and the strapon, or the fact that he might walk in to a man, collared, with a dildo balls deep in his ass, but,minor details. He would get over it. 

“Wow.” He surveyed the scene. The slave tried to look over his shoulder.

“Ghheassss??” he attempted to spit out the panties still in his mouth. Unsuccessfully. He tried to mumble another question. It was unintelligible, but she knew what he was asking. She laughed and stepped back, the cock slurped out of his ass.

“Shhhhhhhh,” She said soothingly, “Well, he’s a little early, but that is that man who’s cum you’re going to be licking up today.”

The buckles of the strapon clinked and the cock flopped as it hit the floor. She grabbed the slaves collar and pulled him around to face her. She looked into his desperate, pathetic, pleading eyes. Using one finger she carefully pushed the edge of his wifes panties back into his open mouth. A bit a drool was sliding down the corner. She wiped her finger on his shoulder. His cage looked like it was ready to burst.

“You can look, slave, but you will have to stay there,” Her tone was delicate, almost babying. “Can you do that for me like a good boy?” His cage bounced as he nodded enthusiastically. She caressed his face before walking over to Will and putting her arms around his neck. “Suprise!” She kissed him deeply and heard the slaves breath quicken behind her. “Just try to ignore him for now, it’s like training a dog not to whine for scraps.”

By this time Will had had enough time to compose himself. There was no going back and he knew it. He wrapped his arms around her, and slid one hand low down her back. 

“Nice shirt,” he said. 

“Thanks,” She smiled at him, “Complements of the house,” She raised her hand gesturing to the closet. He chuckled, she could tell he was hiding his nervousness. She breathed deep and kissed him again, relishing in his uncertainty.  

Will picked her up and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down and she opened her mouth, feeling their warm tongues dancing. She pulled his shirt over his head and undid his belt buckle. Her nails raked his chest, muscles rippling as she decorated them. His pants fell past his knees and she pushed them off with her feet. He ground his hips into her and she could feel his long hard cock grinding against her thigh. 

As he kissed her neck she turned her head to the side to get a look at the slave. He was sitting on his heels obediently, but his hips were moving back and forth in a slight, almost involuntary, motion. She met his eyes and smiled menacingly.

“Make yourself useful, slave, and go look for your handcuff keys,” She waved in the direction of the closet. “I think I threw them somewhere over there.” His eyes widened and sat up. He was so aroused that his cage barely moved as he penguin-waddled eagerly to look.

She returned her attention to the situation at hand. Will had moved down. Shirt pulled up, he was sucking and biting her nipples. She was breathing harder now. He began stroking the inside of her legs, getting dangerously close to the soft lips of her perfect pussy. After a few more circles he parted those lips and two meaty fingers made their way inside. He moved his hand in and out curling his fingers slightly. She could feel the pressure start to build inside her as she moaned. The rhythm of his hands made her whole body move up and down. She looked him in the eyes. 

“Harder.” she commanded. He was happy to oblige, he drove his hand inside her, increasing the speed. She made sure the slave could hear how much she was enjoying herself. She raised her head briefly and could see him still rooting around for the keys. The pressure mounted inside her coming to a peak. Her back arched and she pressed her head into the mattress. There was no controlling it. She screamed with pleasure and felt a rush of liquid squirting out of her onto Wills’ hands, all over the bed covers. Her chest rose and fell softly and Will leaned in and covered his mouth with hers. 

“You made a little mess,” He said looking at his hand. She looked up at him and then over to the slave who was waddling over, keys successfully in his hands behind his back. 

“Good thing we have someone to clean up any mess we make,” Her grin showed all her teeth. She waved the slave over and reaching out over the edge of the bed, she removed the panties from his mouth. The slave moved his tongue around in his mouth and dry lips to get rid of the extra lint. She giggled and rolled over with Will so that she was on top of him. 

“I hope you don’t mind if you let my slave lick your hand while I fuck you.”

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