He Couldn’t Help it Chapter 3 Part 3

Part 3

The bottle of lube made a tiny waterfall as it coated his spread rouged cheeks. One finger closed the bottle and two fingers started to work on his tight little asshole. She used just the lightest touch of a circular motion. She knew he would start to have some trouble considering the cage, but she didn’t mind. She liked to give them trouble. 

He was breathing hard through the panties. Her fingers pushed down more allowing them to slip in little by little each time within the rhythm of the circle. Continuing this pattern she could feel his ass relax allowing her to go deeper. Soon the circle turned into an in and out motion and she heard him moan. She twisted her fingers each time on the way out before plunging them back in. His butt was still hanging slightly off the edge of the bed. Kneeling behind him for the best leverage, she felt something drip onto her leg. Precum. He was leaking again. She smiled, good thing there was no way he could cum with that cage on. 

-I wonder if he’s even been ruined before?- She thought, pushing her fingers in deeper. 

His groan became a grunt. She wanted to hear him beg for her cock. She took her fingers out and wiped them on the duvee cover. Good things must be earned. She grabbed the smaller of the dildo’s next to her and doused it in lube. She pushed the tip into his ass, it slid in much easier than expected. 

“You’ve been fucking yourself regulary haven’t you slave,” her tone was that of a teacher praising a good student. She knew the answer before he tried to mumble his response through the panties.

She worked the dildo in and out of his ass with her hands, making sure he took all of it. Her arm moved like a piston, keeping a steady pace. He moaned with each entry of the dildo. Sappy clear-colored precum started to drip from his captive cock like a leaky faucet. She took the liberty of stroking her clit with her free hand. She was so wet that her fingers slid on her perfect cunt without resistance. The desire to fuck him was overwhelming. She stood up and removed the dildo from his ass and the panties from his mouth. 

“Do you want my cock slave?” she grabbed his hair again, pulling his face close.

“Oh Goddess, yes please,” He sputtered, his eyes sideways, searching for her.

“How badly do you want it?” She let go of his hair allowing his head to fall roughly onto the bed. 

“Please, Goddess, anything you want ill do it” his hips were making small involuntary motions trying, unsuccessfully, to rub his caged cock on the edge of the bed. His struggle made her grin from ear to ear. 

“Would you suck my cock before it goes inside you? Like a good little whore?” He had already said he would do anything so she was certainly not going to let him get off easily.

“Yes, please just say you’ll fuck me after” he moaned. She was already inserting the larger black cock into her harness.

“Then come here little slut,” She unclipped the leash from the collar with one hand. Grasping his handcuffs she slid him off the bed onto his knees made him hobble toward her, hands still cuffed.

-like a little penguin- She loved those degrading moments. It filled her with a sense of purpose, of place, of rightness.

He opened his mouth and she thrust her cock in. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. He gagged as she thrust deep into and held his head for just a moment. She pulled him off and a long string of saliva trailed from his pretty mouth. 

“You like being my little slut, don’t you?” He nodded slurping some of the spit back in. She pulled him back into cock. The noises he made were delightfully wet as he gagged and second and a third time. She decided it his slutty ass might have earned it’s reward.

She put her foot on his shoulder and pulled him toward her with it, forcing him down on the ground. 

“Please Goddess, you said you would fuck me if I sucked your cock,” She could tell he was trying not to let his voice whine. 

“Yes I did my pet” She straddled his legs behind his ass, and just as she parted his cheeks and slid her cock in, she heard the door open behind her.

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