He Couldn’t Help It Chapter 1 Part 2

“When was the last time you even tried to fuck her?” She let the paddle fly and it hit his ass with a satisfying smack. His body jerked involuntarily upward. She held the leash tight as he convulsed with each slap. The sound of the paddle against his ass again made her belly tingle. This time she decided she would give him five hard quick slaps in a row. His ass was starting to get nice and red. She was looking forward to making an unmarked ass colorful. 

panorama with a lot of toys for bdsm roleplay

“Tell. Me. The. Last. Time.” a good hard paddle for punctuation. She could see he was starting to gasp for air so she loosened her grip and straddled his back.

“I bet you can’t even remember,” She got down really close to his left ear. “You’ve been so obsessed with perving out on porn that you can’t even get hard around her.” she bit his ear possessively.

“No goddess, I can’t please her.” he whined. She loved to make them whine. She shimmied down so that his wife’s wet panties were pressed against those cherry colored cheeks. Both hands on his shoulders she started to grind her mound in between his ass and his legs. Her hips moved nice and slow so he could feel the trail of moisture that she left with each stroke. Up and down. Up…

“-and men that cant please women are what, slave?” she slid off him and wrapped her hand once again around the leash.

“Bad?” He made the mistake of guessing. 

“No! Slave!” the paddle was like a diving bird of prey. One, two, one, two, one, two. Dark, ripe, cherries. 

“They are useless! Men who cannot please women are useless.”

Each smack rang like a gunshot. She mounted him again and pulled his hair to lift his face closer to her red lips. “What are they, slave?”

“Useless, Goddess,” his voice was more of a croak now.

“And what are you, slave?”

“I am useless, Goddess, worthless.” He was starting to sweat again. She could feel her clit begging to flip him over and smother him. Hot waves followed from her cunt all the way down her legs. She controlled her desires.

“That’s much better slave, yes, you are useless until I give you use. You are worthless until I give you worth. You are nothing, until I make you something. Isn’t that true?” She slid the paddle down his back and in between his rosey ass. 

“Yes Goddess. Please give me a purpose,” She could see his eyes were getting a glazed look as he sunk deeper into the trance of submission. She was loving every minute of this, and he was learning fast. 

-Clever boy- she thought.

She slipped the leash out from underneath the handcuffs and looped it around one of the high bed posts. She folded her knees underneath her to sit on the bed next to him, and began to stroke his hair. 

“You want to be useful to me don’t you, my little toy?” Her voice was teasing, almost melodic. She held his head, gently running her nails gently through his scalp. 

-Toy, I do like the sound of that- she mused.

“Oh yes please Goddess.” He was moaning slightly with pleasure. She decided to let him have this little moment. After all, one cannot have pain without a little relief from pain, and every good dog deserves a treat after they have obeyed.

She took her hands slowly from his head.

“Stay right here like a good boy, relax a little, I’m going to show you exactly how you are going to be useful to me.” She grabbed the paddle and walked back over to the case. She lifted up a compartment revealing three smooth rubber cocks arranged from smallest to largest, a large bottle of lubricant, and a black leather harness. She ran her fingers over the rubber feeling how the material clung at her fingertips. 

-They want to be used too-

She took out the two smaller of the cocks. After all, he was not the most experienced. She carried her new tools over to the bed and laid them out. The dirty panties fell to the floor and she stepped carefully into the harness, raising onto her tippy-toes as she pulled the straps snug on her smooth hips. She picked up the panties and rolled them into her fist. 

“Open,” her voice was hard again, demanding his attention. She stuffed the panties into his open mouth and ran a finger down his face. 

“Now how would you like to be my little fucktoy?” She whispered into his ear.

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