He Couldnt Help It Chapter 1 Part 1

She left him chained to the towel holder his face and hair soaked with her cum and sweat. She sauntered over to an armchair in the next room and plopped down, legs spread, breathing heavily. She could feel the juice of her naked pussy seeping onto fabric of the chair and smiled. She didn’t usually make messes, but when she did, she made sure they were at someone else’s expense. She closed her eyes for a moment and the image of his tight ass bent over the chair scrubbing out her mess made her clit twitch. 

Slowly coming out of her orgasm-induced stupor she stood up and walked over to him drenched and slumped against the counter. She filled a new glass of water and drained it, then filled another and put it down in front of him. 

“You are too kind Goddess,” he stuttered, clasping the glass with his one free hand and draining it.

“Unzip,”. She commanded, turning her back to him. She felt him struggling to undo the zipper with one hand. 

“Excuse me, Goddess,” he muttered. She felt him bite the top of her dress, holding the fabric up so he could work the zipper with his other hand. Finally, she heard the noise of the zipper and felt the dress release around her body. She decided it would be time to slip into something more comfortable, and left him there.

 She found the master bedroom upstairs. It was the second door she tried. There was a walk in closet filled with his and her clothes. She dropped her dress to the floor.

-not much account for style here- she thought thumbing through what she presumed to be his wife’s items on the left-hand side. She decided on a tee shirt that said “go bears!” across the top and “knock ‘em dead.” on the back. She bit the middle of the shirt slightly making a hole with her teeth. The threads strained and finally gave way ripping off the bottom half of the shirt to show her belly. 

-That’s more like it-

The top drawer of the closet dresser surprised her.

-nice lingerie collection, little wifey- she thought grabbing a lacy white thong. -shows some serious desperation- She slipped on the lace and examined herself in the mirror on the back of the closet door. -at least she’s not that much bigger than me-

She found a pair of long socks from a drawer. Ones that came up past her knee. Finally she finished off her new look with a backwards facing “i heart chicago” baseball cap. She trotted back into the kitchen.

“Ta-da!” She said, posing. He was right where she left him, slumped against the side of the counter sitting on the floor. “What do you think of my new look?” His mouth hung open then moved up and down for a moment like a fish out of water.

“Those are my wi-”

“Shut up, slave!” she barked at him. “You don’t think I know who these belong to?” She turned around and pushed her smooth round ass into his face. “Why do you think im wearing them you stupid. Little. Perv.” She accentuated each word, pressing her ass down on his face. She hoped he could smell his wife mixed with her pussy.  “Now you will have a lovely reminder of me every time you see your wife. Maybe it will help you to behave….but i think you’re going to need more than that,” 

With her ass still in his face she bent down and reached towards him between her legs. She ripped off the adhesive pad of the e-stim without hesitation. He jumped. 

“Strike one!” she said playfully before removing with next one just as fast.

“Strike two!” she giggled. He was ready for the second one, so she gave him a flick to make him jump again. She put the pads in a plastic bag and reached into her case for the handcuff keys and a leash. The case thumped closed and she locked it. 

“I think it’s time to take this somewhere more intimate, don’t you think?” She, clipped the leash around the metal hook of the collar and held it tight. She replaced the towel holder with his second hand behind his back, then grabbed the suitcase and placed it in his hands. Coming back to his front, she stuffed the handcuff keys in his mouth.

“Here you go little puppy, be a good boy and carry these for me.” She walked forward and jerked his leash. His legs banged against the suitcase behind him with each step. She could tell it was awkward for him. She loved it when they felt awkward. His wife’s panties may not last long. 

Leading him up the stairs she had to steady him once when he almost fell backward on the stairs. She held the rail and used the leash to pull his weight forward. His knee dropped onto the stairs but he steadied himself and kept upright.

“You better not fall, or there will be consequences for your clumsiness.” He tried to mumble something but just ended up nodding with that pleading look again. 

-such a great quality” she thought -willingness to please-

Although, she had not forgotten what he had confessed earlier. It would be time for him to wish he had kept his mouth shut. She was going to milk him of all his dirty little secrets.

When they got to the top of the stairs she led him straight to the master bedroom. She took the suitcase out of his hands and pushed him face down on the bed. 

“Stay.” she said, putting the suitcase on the dresser and clicking it open. She pulled out what looked like a ping pong paddle without rubber. He tried to turn his head to see what she was doing. “No peeking!” she said with mock offense. She walked over to the bed and used her foot to push his head turned sideways into the bed covers. She put her hand out so he could spit the keys in them. They hit the wall with a clink as she tossed them somewhere. She didn’t really care and it would be fun to make him look for them later. He tried to raise his head to see where they went but she pushed her foot down harder. She turned his collar around with her hands and looped the leash under his cuffed arms. 

“Just one question before we get started with phase two,” She said, pulling the leash tight and replacing her foot with her hands so she could lean down close this ears. 

“Is this where you try to fuck your wife?”

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